The Zisize Educational Trust works in the northernmost tip of KwaZulu Natal where the population is 120,000 and around 57% are under the age of 19. In KwaZulu Natal an estimated 31% of the population is unemployed and almost half live below the official poverty line.

Facilities: Our partner operates out of the centres that provide after-school educational support: homework, counselling, nutritional meals, a safe place to play and an adult to talk to. We are providing equipment for these facilities such as books, computers, toys and stationery. 2000 orphans and vulnerable children come to the centres.

Antiviral medication: the organisation works with clinics to ensure children receive their medication, and crucially, provide support in adhering to treatment. 1,288 orphans and vulnerable children receive life saving antiviral medication.

HIV/AIDS Education: Raising awareness of HIV/AIDS is fundamental to removing social stigma and preventing its devastating spread. HIV test counselling for sufferers and education initiatives help to improve the lives of many affected by the disease. 1547 vulnerable children and 500 adults will receive HIV/AIDS education.

Early childhood development: Preschool children are provided with a stimulating environment and educational activities. Older siblings are able to leave young children in a safe place so they can go to school. 376 children will be supported.

Secure homes: Living in some of the most dangerous areas in South Africa where 40% of rapes are committed against children, physically securing a home is essential.
600 children have a safer place to call home.