Without the necessary school uniform, shoes, books and stationery, children are unable to attend school.

Educational resources not only enable children to return to school, but also provide hope and dignity in times of crisis.

Here is Tebello’s story from one of our partners in the Free State Province:

Tebello does not look people straight in the eyes, but has a broad welcoming smile, that seems to go on forever.

Sitting in her grandmother’s shack, she wears her uniform but one cannot identify the colour of the skirt anymore because it has lost its original colour. She had no other choice – the only thing she had to wear was that skirt which was donated by her neighbour so that she could go to school.

Tebello’s granny did not receive a pension grant and was unemployed. The only income they had was Tebello’s welfare grant which had to for everything.  When her classmates looked at her, they would giggle and tease her.

When the caregivers told Tebello and the other children supported at the project that Starfish was going to provide them with new school uniforms and packs of stationery, you could not believe the expression on their faces. They were singing, dancing and ululating – the celebration took about an hour!

Thank you Starfish Greathearts Foundation for your support.

Keep on giving that extraordinary hand.

Without you, Tebello’s school days were unpleasant, but right now she is the happiest of them all.