Sethani is a community-based project that provides vital support and gives hope to the escalating number of children who have been orphaned or made vulnerable by the HIV/AIDS pandemic in the KwaZulu Natal Province of South Africa.

Providing basic necessities and practical care
Sethani responds to the emotional and physical needs of the children by offering services such as; counselling, Kidz Club, help with applications for social grants and supporting legal documents as well as basic necessities such as school uniforms, food parcels and toiletries. They also provide blankets, clothing, house repairs. Visits to hospitals and sports sessions are also part of the schedule.

20 years of working towards an AIDS free generation
Sethani has been providing services to the community since 1994. A significant element of their work has been to offer a peer education programme that is specifically designed to create an AIDS-free generation and to raise awareness of the HIV/AIDS pandemic. Without it, this area, almost 20 years on, would look a lot different.

Working together for a promising and prosperous future
The project is designed to encourage the next generation to be more responsible when making decisions so that they are able to have more promising futures. This is demonstrated through enabling better access to education and training in important skills such as computing and gardening to promote self sufficiency and independence.

Focusing on the bigger picture
Sethani has worked to keep children safe within the family rather than providing help in isolation. This is a sustainable approach which attempts to break the cycle of poverty by improving circumstances for each child.

Promoting a sustainable future through holistic support
We offer:

  • daily care to 72 children
  • afternoon literacy classes to adults
  • monthly food parcels to 70 families
  • full school uniform to 600 children
  • afternoon Kidz Club for 80 children.

The holistic support that Sethani provides sets it apart from other projects as it promotes an enduring future for the children it helps and offers them a way out of the cycle of poverty.

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