Bulungula Incubator

Eastern Cape

Bulungula Incubator was formed in 2007, in Transkei Eastern Cape. The incubator’s vision is to be a catalyst in the creation of vibrant and sustainable rural communities.

Bulungula Incubator (BI) is a rural development NGO that works in the Mbhashe Municipality, one of the most isolated and impoverished regions of South Africa. While, on average, South Africa is considered a middle-income country, it is characterised by having extremely high levels of inequality. The poorest areas, such as the one served by BI, are effectively on a par with the most impoverished in Africa.

Keiskamma Trust

Eastern Cape

The Keiskamma Trust (originally the Keiskamma Art Project Trust) was established in 2000, by Dr. Carol Baker. The Keiskamma’s vision is to provide inspiration and income generation opportunities to the extremely poor women in the remote rural villages of Hamburg, Bodiam and Bell.

The Keiskamma Trust is a rural development NGO that works in Hamburg Primary School. The programme was established in response to the expressed and observed needs of children in the South Peddie Area. Centres have also been established in Lovers Twist and Mgababa villages.

Agape Family Ministries

Western Cape

Agape Family Ministries was founded in 1994. The vision is to redirect the lives of vulnerable children and families toward their God-given potential and destinies. Agape Family Ministries is a faith based organisation providing services to children that are orphaned, vulnerable and/ disabled through:

  • ECD centres
  • Empowering special needs children by means of rehabilitation, skills development & holistic care.
  • Educating and empowering care givers and teachers to strengthen support to children & families.

Nokuphila Community Services

Eastern Cape

Nokuphila supports orphaned and vulnerable HIV/AIDS children from Kwa-Thema and its surroundings, with 120 two-to-six-year old’s in the daycare centre and over 300 seven-to-eighteen-year-old children at the drop in centre.  60% of the children in the Early Childhood Development Centre (ECD) are orphaned or vulnerable due to HIV/AIDS whilst 100% of the children in the Drop-in Centre are affected or infected with HIV. The youth unemployment rate is currently very high currently at 36.9% in Kwa Thema. This has resulted in excessive drug abuse and dysfunctional youth in the area. There are no major industries in the area to provide meaningful employment and young people turn themselves to drugs and crime.

Thandanani Children’s Foundation

KwaZulu Natal

Thandanani Children’s Foundation was established in 1989, in Pietermaritzburg, KwaZulu-Natal. The Foundation’s vision is to give hope and care to Orphans and Vulnerable Children (OVC).

The Thandanani Children’s Foundation is continuing to give hope and support to the most vulnerable children through their OVC programme. Despite the significant increase in the number of orphans throughout the years, the Foundation gives a smile to over 2,329 children.

Ethembeni Community Centre

Eastern Cape

Ethembeni Community Organisation was established in 2001, in Hankey Eastern Cape. Their vision is to bring hope to families affected by HIV/AIDS and TB by providing comprehensive and gender-specific care and prevention services. 

The community is faced with social issues such as poverty, unemployment, teenage pregnancies, alcohol abuse, malnutrition of children and ever-increasing incidence of HIV/AIDS and Orphaned and Vulnerable Children (OVC). The Residential Care Centre (another place of hope) cares for AIDS and TB patients who are in need of intensive palliative care.


KwaZulu Natal

Vukukhanye was formed in 2002 and supports community-based development projects aimed at the care of orphans and children made vulnerable through holistic care and support. Vukukhanye provides various support services to the children namely; OVC & other welfare support services in order to support social cohesion; operation of a children’s foster home for the holistic residential care of orphans and vulnerable children, support of Early Childhood Development through the development and operation of a new preschool in Chesterville, provision of long-term renewable school and tertiary bursaries, material and other support to Chesterville preschools and schools as well as to empower and support local black entrepreneurs to own and manage a ‘Sport For All Chesterville’ social franchise.

Thy Kingdom Care Centre


Thy Kingdom Care Centre was established in 2012 with a vision to become one of the leading centres in South Africa, by providing the highest quality of services and skills to orphans, the needy, and vulnerable South Africans. The center takes care of children orphaned and those made vulnerable in the community of Evaton and Sebokeng Zone 3.  Poverty and the high rate of unemployment are the contributing factors to crime in the area which exacerbates the social ills. The centre supports over 550 orphaned and vulnerable children.

Zisize Educational Trust


Zisize’s projects are situated in the northernmost tip of KwaZulu-Natal around the small ‘town’ of Ingwavuma. The two Children’s Centres are 50km apart, along back-breaking dirt roads. The projects operate in an area of 2100km2 bordered by Mozambique to the north, Swaziland to the West and the Pongola River to the South and East. Zisize’s work covers the three tribal areas of Mathenjwa, Nyawo and Mngomezulu, also known as part of District 27.2, the Jozini Municipality within Umkhanyakude District. The population size is estimated to be 120,000 with 57% being under the age of 19 years. Zisize focuses on areas surrounding its two centres at Manyiseni and Ingwavuma and the communities surrounding seven schools which are between 6km and 60km from the ‘town’.


KwaZulu Natal

Bongimpilo ECD Centre is located in KwaNgcolosi (Mshazi area). The creche is running to capacity with 60 pre-school children enrolled from the surrounding community.

Bongimpilo provides early childhood development services for children under six years of age in the rural Kwangcolosi area, Durban. Kwangcolosi is a rural, impoverished area found at the base of the Valley of a 1000 hills. The organization works to ensure that children are in a safe and stimulating environment. Services provided:

  • Early Childhood Development
  • Daily Nutritional Support

Masoyi Home Based Care


Masoyi Home Based Care (MHBC) began offering services in 1997 in response to the increasing number of people who were HIV infected and families that were affected by the illness and death of loved ones. Today, this programme reaches out to orphaned vulnerable children (OVC) and provides spiritual, emotional and physical support to children. The services include assistance with obtaining birth documents, daily feeding, food parcels, early childhood development programme run from multi-care centres, assistance with homework for older children and the running of leadership and peer-support programme with vulnerable youth.

Swa Vana Children’s Project


Swa Vana is currently working in 3 rural villages, namely Huntington, Lillydale and Justicia. These villages are situated in the Mpumalanga province between Hazyview and the Paul Kruger gate of the Kruger National Park. HIV and unemployment are taking its toll on the communities leaving many children vulnerable and orphaned.

This project started as a family initiative, working alongside Henna pre-school and has been operational for 12 years. Swa Vana currently employs 39 people including former beneficiaries in an attempt to alleviate the high unemployment rates.

Swa Vana is dedicated to providing care and support to orphaned, vulnerable and destitute in the wider community, including those infected with and affected by HIV/AIDS.

Eco Plan


ECO – PLAN Environmental Club was started in Kildare B at Khomanani Day Care center within the tribal Authority of Jongilanga. The organisation was formed to fight against HIV/AIDS, alcohol, drug abuse in the area.

The organisation provides holistic care to children orphaned and vulnerable. Eco Plan operates in Kildare A, B, C and Lily dale as well as Ireagh B areas within the Bushbuckridge cross border Municipality, Mpumalanga. The area is a poverty-stricken area with a high HIV/AIDS prevalence rate.

Ncedani Makhoba

Eastern Cape

Ncedani Makhoba is located in Afsondering village, a rural disadvantaged community that is plagued with high rates of unemployment and poverty. They started with a drop-in centre but now operates with two programmes namely Early Childhood Development Centre and Drop In Centre. Programme Activities:

After school care programme             Early Childhood Development Services
Provision of daily meals                        Sport and recreational activities

Taimid Ag Fas Community Project


Taimid Ag Fas was established in Franklin about 20-30 Kilometres away from Kokstad. The centre aims to make a positive difference to the lives of Franklin Community including the surrounding areas by providing support and assistance to needy and vulnerable families.

The centre main focus is to support children and youth so that they all achieve their highest potential.

Khanya-Nkwenkwezi CBO


Khanya Nkwenkwezi is based in Lusikisiki – a large rural area encompassing several dozen villages centred in Lusikisiki in the district of Pondoland, with the help of Friends in Ireland, Khanya Nkwenkwezi was established and a plot of land was acquired from the King and Queen of Pondo in 2004.

Confronted with new challenges such as ever- growing of HIV/AIDS: and the subsequent rising levels of child-headed families, orphans and vulnerable children, both Khanya Nkwenkwezi and the Friends in Ireland recruited the volunteers to provide much-needed support to the communities 2009. The area is characterised by poverty and high rate of unemployment.

Siphumelele Isisekelo CBO


Siphumelele Isikelo CBO started to operate under the banner of Sinosizo Sisinke Isikelo Orphanage and Child Care Centre, which is based in Nomlacu Village. The centre operates at Mt Zion Village taking care of Orphaned and Vulnerable Children. Siphumelele Isikelo was formed to intervene in challenges of direct consequences due to HIV/AIDS pandemic, high rate of unemployment, poverty and neglect of Children. This has led to an ever-growing number of Orphaned and Vulnerable Children in the area. Siphumelele addresses these needs by providing programmes and support that includes a drop-in centre that will offer structured after-school activities such as life skills, career guidance, HIV/AIDS and sexual reproductive health for the children. They also provide daily meals for Children as part of their Nutrition programme. They have recently established a community vegetable garden to feed needy families and OVC children.

The community is faced with social issues such as poverty, unemployment, teenage pregnancies, alcohol abuse, malnutrition of children and ever-increasing incidence of HIV/AIDS and Orphaned and Vulnerable Children (OVC

The Residential Care Centre (another place of hope) cares for AIDS and TB patients who are in need of intensive palliative care. There are four hospital-type beds set up in the two bedrooms.

Each patient is either nursed back to health through correct nutrition and monitoring of medication intake by qualified nurses or is allowed to die in a dignified way. Miracles happen every day in all of Ethembeni’s programmes.

Starfish currently assists Ethembeni in providing school uniforms, stationery and educational toys to the children as well as food parcels for the community.  A major portion of the funding is aimed at capacity building and supporting operational costs.

Starfish Greathearts Foundation is a registered Public Benefit Organisation 93000863PBO

NPO Number: 039-447-NPO