Starfish was founded in 2002, and thousands of children who grew up in our care are now happy and healthy young adults, working in our centres and making an incredible impact in the communities where they grew up.

Giving Back

Lebogang’s Story

“Starfish has helped me in more than one way, from food parcels to school, psychologically and emotionally. They’ve helped me understand who I am and what I want. They have instilled confidence and hope in my life. I have so much to offer the world. I believe that my greatest gift is being able to appeal to many hearts. I speak to people’s heart and I encourage them, I make sure that I leave them waiting to change the world. My experiences have allowed me to empathize with other people, to be able to speak without judgment and to be patient with myself and other people.(age 21)

“Thank you Starfish for making me who I am today.”

Leonard’s Story

When he was just eight year old, both Leonard’s parents died and he moved in with his grandmother. His life changed, he had no parental love or any basic necessities. He didn’t even have a school uniform, so was unable to continue his education.

At the age of 15, he became one of the first beneficiaries at our Swa Vana centre and received the love, care and practical support he needed. Today is one of the volunteers at the project.

“Through the funding of Starfish I achieved my goal, today I’m one of the best care givers for the orphaned children programme and I always serve my purpose of providing excellent services to the children. After losing both my parents I was hopeless and I had no choice to make my life better but through people around me and the support from Starfish I managed to reach my goals.”