Wellness Wagons have partnered with
the Department of Health. We are providing
food packs to impoverished families, Setting up
strategic sanitation & isolation facilities

I wholeheartedly support this organisation’s work and encourage you to do the same. –Archbishop Desmond Tutu

Our response to the unrest

Starfish has responded to calls from our communities in Gauteng and KZN following the recent unrest. Our children are experiencing deepening poverty and heightened food insecurity on top of the challenges of Covid 19. There are no shops to sell food, and supply chains are disrupted. Children are hungry and suffering more than ever during this crisis. We have repurposed our wellness wagon into a food delivery vehicle and are aiming to reach 2,000 people every single day.


Education changes destiny. Starfish believes in the importance of education, particularly in a child’s first 1000 days. 18,000 children have benefitted from education in early childhood development centers.


We provide proper nutrition to impoverished children, ensuring improved childhood growth, development, and health.

92,000 children have received nutritional support.


We ensure  impoverished and remote communities have access to primary health services via our Wellness Wagon program . 25,000 children have received health care services and 62,000 people anti retro-virals and adherence support through our mobile clinic.


We help create stronger communities by building community development centers, upgrading school facilities, initiating agricultural programs and investing in community health.


We identify, monitor and protect vulnerable children from abuse.  Adolescents are empowered through education to resist gender-based violence and  protect themselves from HIV/AIDS.

Starfish Greathearts Foundation is a registered Public Benefit Organisation 93000863PBO

NPO Number: 039-447-NPO

Old Mutual Building, Nicol Grove, Cnr William Nicol Drive & Leslie Avenue, 
Fourways, Johannesburg,2191