Helping orphaned and vulnerable children in South Africa through nutrition, health, education, and protection.

“Children are our greatest treasure. They are our future.”
– Nelson Mandela 


Our holistic approach focuses on four key areas of intervention: Child Protection, Healthcare, Education and Nourishment. 

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We provide crèches and afterschool care where children enjoy creative educational activities and counselling sessions. We strive to enable children to harness their talents and gain sustainable employment.

We also give practical support providing schoolbooks, uniforms, transport, and meals.


We run mobile healthcare clinics for check-ups, referrals, and community health awareness sessions. These clinics ensure the physical, mental, and social wellbeing of children, and keep them in school to maximise their learning potential.


Our Starfish trained care workers identify vulnerable children in the community and provide holistic care. From creches to vocational training for school graduates, we enable children to harness their talents and gain sustainable employment. 


We provide proper nutrition to impoverished children, ensuring improved childhood growth, development and health.

We train our local partners to establish food gardens, providing nutrition, income and a space to learn about healthy eating.

£15 will feed a family of 4 for a week.


£25 will feed a child for a month.


£60 will fund a child’s education, health and nutritional needs for a month.


£85 will fund a child’s education for a whole year.

Zisize Radio Show Case Study

A Case was reported to the team during the Zisize radio show, where a listener reported that one of his siblings was HIV positive but some of their family members were not aware of this. This lead to disputes and speculations regarding the child’s health as he often fell ill. The listener was contacted and a home visit was conducted. Holistic support was rendered by the social workers and nurses, and the family was assisted with the process of closure as well as medically assisting with the upkeep of the child’s health. Follow up visits to this home have been made, and the family reports that they are more at peace now that there aren’t any secrets being kept from each other. Their communication and honesty also allows the family to be more vigilant in assisting the child concerned with taking medication at the right time.

Tippy Tap Journey at Woza Moya


Tippy Taps (TT) were first introduced to the community 6 years ago, in order to improve access to clean water for washing. Ufafa Valley is a water-scarce area, especially in the dry winter months. There is no formal water supply or sanitation. 

Faced with Covid-19, never has there been more need for them.

We focus on schools and communal meeting places and spent time educating people on the importance of washing hands, thoroughly and frequently.

Royal Parks Half Marathon for Starfish


Sunday 9th October 2022

The Royal Parks Half Marathon was created in 2008 – the first and only of its kind. The 13.1 mile route passes many of London’s world famous landmarks and four of London’s spectacular Royal Parks. This award-winning event was set up in attempt to be green, sustainable and raise money for over 1,000 UK charities. With amazing reviews from our Starfish runners over the years, this is an event that you do not want to miss out on!

Join the Starfish Team today!

Music for Freedom Concert


Wednesday 14th September, 7pm, St Mary Le Bow Church.

The amazing Petit Choeur de Paris are returning to sing for us with a varied repertoire spanning jazz, classical and gospel. Set in the beautiful St Mary le Bow church in the heart of the city, we can’t wait to share a wonderful evening together!



Host a Dinner of Hope


Meet up for a fabulous evening of friends, memories and online cooking by celebrity chef Zola Nene!





Jon & Lydia

Donated their wedding to Starfish





“Such a generous gesture Jon & Lydia requesting donations instead of wedding gifts. Helping us all to look beyond ourselves and a privelege to be able to contribute whatever we can afford, knowing that every contribution makes a difference. Be blessed.”

Wedding Guest