Starfish responds to Covid 19



Wellness Wagons have partnered withĀ theĀ Department of Health

We are providingĀ food packs to impoverished families,

setting up strategic sanitationĀ & isolation facilities &

educating communities

“Children are our greatest treasure. They are our future.”
– Nelson Mandela

Our teams are supplying emergency relief to children in need

COVID 19 has compounded existing difficulties for the children we care for. Zizise has been delivering emergency food parcels and sharing public health messagesĀ Ā 


We ensureĀ  impoverished and remote communities have access to primary health services via our Wellness Wagon programme . 25,000 children have received health care services and 62,000 people anti retro-virals and adherence support through our mobile clinic.


We help create stronger communities by building community development centers, upgrading school facilities, initiating agricultural programmes and investing in community health.


We identify, monitor and protect vulnerable children from abuse.Ā  Adolescents are empowered through education to resist gender-based violence andĀ  protect themselves from HIV/AIDS.

Starfish Greathearts Foundation. Registered charity in England and Wales no. 1093862.Ā