Nokuphila exemplifies the spirit of giving back and endeavours to ensure the sustainability of the project through diverse initiatives from its bakery to the flourishing food garden..

Nokuphila supports more than 420 vulnerable children,
with 120 two-to-six year olds in the day care centre and over 300 seven-to-eighteen year old children at the drop in centre. 60% of the children in the Early Childhood Development Centre (ECD) are orphaned or vulnerable due to HIV/AIDS whilst 100% of the children in the Drop in Centre are affected or infected with HIV.

Drop in centre

  • Children attend afterschool where Nokuphila provides a safe, nourishing and positive environment in which these vulnerable children can grow. The “Soul Centre” allows the children to express their emotions either individually or in group therapy sessions.
  • Children are provided opportunities for computer training and homework support as well as sporting and cultural activities.
  • Each child receives daily nutritional support.
  • The centre conducts life skills programmes for the children in the centre to help them deal with their challenges in and how they approach life. They talk about STDs, HIV and AIDS as well as living with ARVs. They aim to empower the children to take ownership of their lives and make plans for their future.