Throughout the year the Community Based Organisations (CBOs) plan the food supplies for the children with a particular emphasis on extra provisions for the chilly winter months.

In the winter time in particular, the importance of a good nutritous diet is highlighted. Whilst over the last five years the provision of food from the government has improved our partners still rely on Starfish for support:

Food Parcels – are provided to children and their families in times of crisis. Often careworkers come across households where there are no parents and the children have barely any food to eat. Until the children are given a long term resolution they receive  life saving food parcels.

Creches – providing food ensures children are healthy and remain at school and succeed in their schooling.
Children are welcomed to after school groups, where they will pick up their siblings from the day or go to receive a hot meal or be given a hot meal to take with them.

“The feeding programme has reached 802 children. This has included 715 children who have received food through the school-based scheme at our 7 partner primary schools and 87 individuals who have received food through the provision of food parcels to homes.
Providing food to vulnerable children is a cornerstone of the holistic care that we provide to OVC, to assist them to be healthy and thus remain at school and succeed in their schooling.” Local Partner

12.5 Kg maize mealFood parcel rs
5 kg rice
5 kg Samp
2 litre Cooking oil
500 g Mayonnaise
500 g Tomato sauce
500 g Tinned fish
500 g Beans
2kg/1kg Washing powder
500 g Sunlight washing soap
30 Eggs

A great need exists at community level to maintain the health and growth of children on a daily basis. Why not contribute to achieving this and set up a regular donation.