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Help us to educate children and empower them to reach their full potential

Bringing Education, Brightening Futures and Empowering Dreams

Change begins with education, and change begins young. Our Early Childhood Development centres across South Africa are the first step in the lives of the children they serve towards a better tomorrow for all.

We support children into adulthood, age 21. Brightening futures and empowering children to reach their dreams.

Help a Child of Africa today.


The Importance of Early Childhood Development

The first 1000 days of a child's education, starting from conception until the age of two, are crucial for their development. During this period, the brain rapidly grows and forms connections, shaping a child's future learning and behavior. Research has shown that providing a stimulating and nurturing environment during these early years has long-lasting effects on a child's cognitive, social, and emotional development. By investing in early education, we can lay a strong foundation for a child's lifelong learning. At Starfish, we have a three-fold approach. We are dedicated to providing the utmost quality of education at our schools, we ensure that children receive warm and nutritious meals in line with the Department of Health's guidelines, and prioritize their well-being through our comprehensive wellness program.


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81% of South African children can not read for comprehension.
BBC (May, 2023)
Education is essential if we are to break the cycle of poverty. Just $50 sends a child to a Starfish preschool for an entire year, where they will be cared for, educated, fed, and receive healthcare.

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