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Importance of Gross Motor Skills

 Blog Post Gross Motor Skills

Gross Motor Skills
Early Childhood Development is essential for children, and as ECD practitioners we design our daily programs to include activities in all areas of development, to ensure that the child is
developing holistically. Amongst all the areas of development for children, is the
development of Gross motor skills. This is the development of the child’s large muscles, like hands, legs and the torso. For children, one of the most important things is to be able to Play, and through Play, learn.
When children learn through play, they are able to enjoy and understand what they are doing. Gross motor skills development requires that the practitioner understand the importance of how to plan activities for children, in a way that this skill is developed. For example, if I am planning my plan of activities for the week, I need to ensure that I have different types of activities and not the same activity daily.

Improving Gross Motor Skills

My plan to improve Gross motor skills development would include activities like:
- Playing on the jungle gym
- Catching and throwing a ball
- Running and having a race
- Riding scooters
- Playing on the swing and slide
- Playing target throwing
- Ringa Ringa Rosie
- Movement games like, hopping-Jumping- crawlingrolling
- Body movements like, bending-turning around-twisting
- Painting outdoors using your hands and feet
- Musical chairs

There are so may activities to choose from for Gross motor skills development, and we can change the activities to bring more excitement and fun to the program. Children get bored of doing the same activities over and over again, and when they get bored, they loose interest, they do not concentrate and then there is a lack of participation,
which defeats the purpose of the activity, as the child cannot learn when they are not fully engaged or involved in the activity. Gross motor skills activities differ according to the age groups of children and as practitioners we should understand the age group of children we work with and ensure that the activities planned are age appropriate and relevant for the child.

Giving a child the opportunity to learn and develop their Gross motor skills through different activities will also contribute to building confidence and self-esteem in the children. Gross motor skills development activities can be done with children individually, in pairs or in group activities. There is so much we can do with improving Gross motor skills development in children, and through this, through the activities children are able to improve their concentration, listen to instructions, as well as wait their turn in activities. Gross motor skills activities are fun and children can learn so much from them. Remember to let children ‘Learn Through Play’!