Bulungula Incubator serves one of the poorest areas in the country, made up of four villages of approximately 6,000 people, in a remote rural area on the Wild Coast of the Eastern Cape. Established in 2007 to create vibrant and sustainable rural communities, Bulungula Incubator works with community members from conception to career to provide education, health and nutrition and sustainable livelihoods. Their dedicated and skilled team have achieved incredible results and have been awarded the Nolte prize for their achievements in their community. 



Agape is a remarkable success story, growing from humble beginnings in 1990, to serve thousands of children in an informal settlement in the Western Cape. They provide essential support in the form of schooling, care, medical attention, feeding programs and life-skills to children in this poor community.




Thandanani Children’s Foundation gives hope and care to orphans and vulnerable Children in Pietermaritzburg, KwaZulu-Natal. Established in 1989, Thandanani moves families from a state of vulnerability to stability and self-reliance; focusing on their physical, mental, emotional & cognitive wellbeing. Thandanani makes a meaningful and sustainable difference to over 2,400 children, their caregivers and families





The Keiskamma Trust provides inspiration and income generation opportunities to the extremely poor women in the remote rural villages around Port Elizabeth in the Eastern Cape.  It was established in 2000  by Dr. Carol Baker.  The Keiskamma Trust also works in the Hamburg Primary School in response to the needs of the children in that area.


Thy Kingdom

Thy Kingdom Care Centre was established in 2012 by Thandi, who devoted herself full time to the care of the neglected and orphaned children in her community. “I could not stand to see a hungry child,” she said. The center takes care of 550 orphaned and vulnerable children in Soweto.  Poverty and the high rate of unemployment and crime in the area exacerbate the social ills.





Sethani Community Services was established in 1994, in KwaZulu-Natal to empower members of the community to help themselves and to care for one another – especially the orphans and vulnerable children. Sethani is situated in a previously disadvantaged area where poverty and its accompanying factors such as unemployment, teenage pregnancy and substance abuse are rife.  These conditions are worsened by the devastating impact of the HIV/AIDS pandemic,




Wellness Wagon


 South Africa has the largest HIV epidemic in the world. 7 out of 10 child deaths under the age of 5 are preventable. Many have no access to health care due to poverty or the remoteness of their location.  The Starfish Wellness Wagon program reaches these rural areas to provide health care. The program offers, HIV and TB testing, ARV medication and adherence programs. Education for HIV prevention and empowerment of adolescent girls for the prevention of gender-based violence. Each year more than 8,000 children received health care through our Wellness Wagon program.



Vukukhanye was formed in 2002 and supports community-based development projects aimed at the care of orphans and vulnerable children. Vukukhanye operates a children’s foster home, support Early Childhood Development through the operation of a preschool in Chesterville, provides school and tertiary bursaries as well as material and other support to Chesterville preschools and schools. Vukukhanye also supports local black entrepreneurs to own and manage a ‘Sport For All Chesterville’ social franchise.




Zisize Educational Trust

Zisize’s projects are situated in the northernmost tip of KwaZulu-Natal. Its projects cover tribal areas with a population of approximately 120,000, of that 57% are below the age of 19. Zisize focuses on areas surrounding seven schools. Children from disadvantaged backgrounds are encouraged to believe that they can not only have ambition but also achieve their dreams. Its aim is to provide support that will result in a brighter future for the children of South Africa.








Bongimpilo Early Childhood Development Center serves 60 pre-school children from the surrounding community.

It provides educational services for children under six years of age in the Kwangcolosi area, Durban. Kwangcolosi is a rural, impoverished area found at the base of the Valley of a Thousand Hills. The organization works to ensure that children are in a safe and stimulating environment and are provided with daily nutritional support.