We have partnered with the Department of Health

in South Africa to provide testing and PPE

We are providing food parcels to impoverished families,

setting up sanitation facilities &

educating communities

I wholeheartedly support this organization’s work and encourage you to do the same. –Archbishop Desmond Tutu


Education changes destiny. Starfish believes in the importance of education, particularly in a child’s first 1000 days. 18,000 children have benefitted from education in early childhood development centers.


We provide proper nutrition to impoverished children, ensuring improved childhood growth, development, and health.

92,000 children have received nutritional support.


We ensure  impoverished and remote communities have access to primary health services via our Wellness Wagon program . 25,000 children have received health care services and 62,000 people anti retro-virals and adherence support through our mobile clinic.


We help create stronger communities by building community development centers, upgrading school facilities, initiating agricultural programs and investing in community health.


We identify, monitor and protect vulnerable children from abuse.  Adolescents are empowered through education to resist gender-based violence and  protect themselves from HIV/AIDS.



See how your support has impacted lives, bringing life, hope and opportunity to orphans and vulnerable children.

Mpilo’s Story

Mpilo and her little brother, Bongani, live with their ailing mother. Theirs is one of the poorest households in an indigent community, with a total income of $58 per month received from two Child Support government grants. There are no work opportunities in this remote village, so Mpilo’s Mum has sought the help of a local Starfish Programme for her children, that helps them receive an education, health care, food parcels and school uniforms. Mpilo has proved to be musically gifted and will soon take her Grade 6 music examination on the clarinet. What a wonderful achievement from a child living in a remote, impoverished and deprived community!

The Wellness Wagon

On visiting a remote rural village, the nurse of the Wellness Wagon mobile clinic examined a young boy who was suffering from sores all over  his body and swollen feet. He was found to have a severe lung infection and was hospitalised for a week. His mother had not realised the severity of his condition and he would not have received this life-saving treatment had the Wellness Wagon not attended his village.